June 1, 2018
The Heights begins production

Matchbox and For Pete’s Sake Productions kick off on new serial ‘The Heights’ for the ABC

Marcus Graham and Shari Sebbens will be among the ensemble cast of Matchbox Pictures and For Pete’s Sake Productions 30-episode serial drama 'The Heights', which started production today in Perth for the ABC.
June 1, 2018

Australian Films Box Office May Scorecard: A Solid Start to the Year

Australian feature films and feature documentaries released in cinemas have a good shot at beating the 2017 calendar year total of $49.4 million, judging by the results for the first five months.
May 18, 2018
Seph McKenna at Screenwest

Go West: Seph McKenna on his vision for Screenwest

“I think there used to be this presumption – I used to have it years ago at Roadshow – that you could do some things in WA, but you couldn’t do everything here. Now you can do everything here.”
May 8, 2018
Mark Johnson 2018

Breaking Bad’s Mark Johnson: Appreciating Australia

“I keep an eye out on the new talent in Australia… There was a Golden Age when there was Peter Weir and the Bruce Beresford’s and now it seems to me that there are a number of directors who are sort of bubbling, just need to surface, and then they’re going to break out. And I want to find a way to somehow be a part of that.”